Sunday, January 28, 2007

Where the time stood still

This winter when I was in India, I paid a visit to my ancestral town. My grandpa took us to the neighborhood they used to live in. Most houses were locked. The owners have long left the charming little town to make it in a big city and have seldom looked back. I was stunned to see how beautifully and artistically the houses were made in those days.

I'll try to present a glimpse of what I saw and experienced while walking in the "poles" (streets in old Indian towns, much like in old Europe) of this town. Here are two photos that give an idea about the intricate carvings.

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Vikas said...

name of your ancestral town? and the reason why they left those charming houses?

Relatively Speaking said...

It's called Umreth in Kheda Jilla. People migrated to big cities, Ahmedabad primarily.

Tripti said...

Beautiful ! opens up a whole new world of stories

Relatively Speaking said...

@Tripti: Oh yeah ! My grandpa showed us around and told stories from his time. It was quite a treat ! :)